Sunday, December 29, 2019

That Anxious Moment When You Report For Your Punishment

spanking meme

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  1. Anxious but semi hard. Depending on your mood, you could make me cum easily or spank hard enough to make my cock soft and my ass fire ref

    1. I'm positive I'd be spanking you HARD enough to lose your erection but don't worry my new wooden spoon is heat resistant up to 450 degrees ;)

  2. Great drawing, looks like something I've seen before for a 1960's science fiction show, I think it was called 'Crisis' or 'Land of the Giants'

  3. What an picture. It really explains how you feel when going for punishment especially if it's the first time being spanked by her. You don't know hard she spanks the instruments she will use etc. Although there are those ladies who spank differently every time depending on why you are being spanked.