Saturday, February 10, 2018

The Miss Jenn Experience at the Beach and On The Shark Boat

Each Miss Jenn Experience is completely unique & this one was quite amazing I must say.  It started with a tour of the area we were in, then a walk around the beach, followed by a trip on the Shark Boat.  The Shark Boat was pretty cool to look at, and it has an amazing wake that dolphins just love to play in, so we attracted dolphins like crazy.  I got so many amazing photos & videos of the dolphins at play right next to our boat.  Sadly I have no way of posting videos on here, sorry! After our dolphin tour, it was time for said naughty boy to get his spanking for not meeting his goals. And there is nothing worse than not just letting me down, but above all letting yourself downYou've only got one life to live, so figure out what is important to you & stick to your goals! By the time his spanking was over, we were both famished and had some amazing food for dinner.

 The pirate boat!
 Dolphins playing in our wake

 Can't get enough of those dolphins

My first time visiting a Cracker Barrel: 
Check out that bent racket
 What do you think is the story behind this racket?  I think someone got spanked HARD with it and that's why it's all bent out of shape 😍